The company

Bodegas Ruiz Torres is the result of the trajectory of a family dedicated to winemaking and selling for several generations.

Placed from its origins in the Cañamero municipality located in the province of Cáceres, Villuercas shire, the first collected data from the winemaking in the cellar dates back to 1870.

Miguel Ruiz founded "Bodegas Ruiz", where wines were produced in the traditional style of the area, whose wine tradition dates back to the fourteenth century and is attributed to the knowledge transmitted at that time by the monks of the Jerónimos Order that inhabited the monastery from the nearby village of Guadalupe.

From this century dates the most ancient winemaking treaty known in Spain, called The Book and Registry of the “Guadalupe Monastery´s Winery”, and they elaborated up to seven different wines.

In 1968, the witness of the winery is collected by Antonio Ruiz Torres, who is fully involved in the family business. The commitment and business skills of Antonio Ruiz make the winery experience a strong development during the following decades. The family project grows and becomes in 1980 Bodegas Ruiz Torres Inc.

In the 2007, the Government of Extremadura grants the winery the Award for Business Constancy, recognition of one of the oldest companies in our region.

Currently the winery is undergoing the last stage of the building of a "Wine Cultural Complex," where it´s pretended to combine the most innovative facilities for winemaking, with spaces for leisure and activities that promote the culture of wine.

Within this complex, fully operational since 2005, is the cellar, in which a wide range of wines is elaborated, all of them coming from the 190 hectares of vineyards that are just a few meters from the winery.

The specific location of the vineyard is one of the keys that help us understand the particular nature of the wines produced in the winery, since the vineyard is built on a relatively poor soil, very suitable for vine cultivation in a mountain setting, at 800 meters of altitude and with a rainfall of 1,200 mm annually. In the special microclimate that prevails during the summer, with warm days and cool nights, the grapes ripen slowly.

The particular environment in which our grapes are grown and the high quality in polyphenols (natural antioxidants of grapes) found in its wines drives the winery to carry out a characterization study of these compounds in our grapes. The study, completed two years ago, resulted in findings of great interest in terms of concentration, quality and antioxidant capacity of a type of polyphenol existing in our grape seeds. Following this study it is encouraged the development of a whole dermocosmetic line based on specific formulations that combine this polyphenol with other active ingredients that enhance its effect. The result of this is VIDEROL®, a formulation patented by Bodegas Ruiz Torres, with a high antioxidant capacity.
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